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Team List
6th Grade Teams
Team Tyr
Ms. Corley - Reading
Mrs. Estime - Math
Vacant - Science
Mr. Mangione - Social Studies

Team The Mariners
Mr. Van Dyke - Language Arts
Ms. Seward - Math
Mrs. Copeman - Science
Mr. Bonds - Social Studies
Mrs. Anderson - Intensive Math

Team Thor
Mr. Jones - Language Arts
Mr. Cogsdills - Reading
Ms. Douglas - Math
Mr. Johnson - Science
Mrs. Wallace - Social Studies

7th Grade Teams
Team Transformers
Ms. Crespos - Language Arts
Ms. Boykin - Math
Ms. Miller - Science
Mr. Baxter - Social Studies
Ms. Plonta - Reading

Team Executives
Ms. Bernard - Language Arts
Ms. Serrano - ESOL
Mr. Bonano - Math
Ms. Morgan - Science                    
Mrs. Kynerd - Social Studies
Ms. Beasley - Language Arts

8th Grade Teams
Team Conquerors
Ms. Young - Language Arts
Ms. Conyers - Reading
Ms. Carson - Math
Mr. Summitt - Science
Mr. Brown - Social Studies
Ms. Richardson - Math

Team Thunder Sparks
Mrs. Wilshire - Language
Mrs. Durrant - Reading
Dr. Winters - Math
Ms. Reid - Science                      
Ms. Tyson - Social Studies

Team Master Minds
Ms. Martin - Language Arts
Mr. Morris - Math
Mrs. Wilson - Science
Mr. Pearson - Social Studies
Mr. Wilson - Robotics