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The Junior Solar Sprint

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Congratulation to the Solar Vibots for their performance in the Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) at the Florida Energy Whiz Expo in Cocoa FL on Saturday.~

Kayla and Jaylin = 1st race and 1st Design (Blue division)~Advances to TSA Nationals
Jacqueline and Natalia = 2nd race (Blue division)~
Samantha and Jeilin = 1st Design, 1st Innovation and 2nd Race (Green division)~

McLane Vibots have won 1st place awards at this event every year since 2008. One of our solar cars (Rachael 2015 TSA JSS National Champion) is on display at the Florida Solar Center and has been seen by hundreds of students from all over the world.~

Mike Wilson, McLane STEM Academy    

8th Grade Trip to Universal Studios

These kids were wonderful  to spend time with.
All had a superb time and showed up where they were asked to be.  

On behalf of the ESOL department, we would like to say thank you to the administrators and staff for making our ESOL Cultural activity a great success. The Viking Multicultural Fair was held on Tuesday, May 16 in order to celebrate the students and their accomplishments thus far.  Through the celebration students explored their differences, common interests and delicious food items from several countries.  This experience also helped students to understand and appreciate other cultures, to broaden their minds and gain new perspective on the lives of others.

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