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Points of Pride
McLane has a rich history of development in the Brandon community where the roots of members are strong and deep.  We take great pride in our heritage and memories of years past which fill the halls and enrich each of McLane's students futures.  In 1914, the first two story school building was constructed.  It was built as an elementary school consisting of grades one through eight.   1919, the second two story building was added.  The higher grades were added  and in 1923 the first senior class of four members graduated from Brandon High School.

In 1928, the area had grown so much that the front section was built to accomodate the increase in enrollment.  In September of 1930, Mr. E.F. McLane came to Brandon as Principal.  He served in the position until 1964.  In 1947, additional classrooms and a gymnasium were built.  The cafeteria was added in 1950 along with the agriculture building across the street.  

Our campus swelled to capacity and in 1953, Walter S. Yates Elementary school opened to house the elementary grades.  Brandon then became a junior-senior high school.  Before long our campus again swelled to capacity and Horace Mann Junior High School opened housing grades 6,7,8 and 9.  In 1962, Brandon High became a senior high school with 10th, 11th and 12th grades.In September of 1973, Brandon High School's new campus opened on Victoria Street.  Our campus became McLane Junior High School in honor of the principal who had been in charge of it for 34 years.

Our campus became a middle school, housing grades 6,7 and 8 in 1997

On the Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA), Hillsborough maintained its top performance again in 2017 for the Nation's Report Card of results for students in grades 4 and 8.

  • HCPS ranked 1st among the 27 TUDA districts on 4th and 8th grade reading and grade 4 math.
  • HCPS tied for 2nd in average scale score on 8th grade math.
  • HCPS continues to achieve great results while maintaining the highest inclusion percentages of ESE and ELL students.